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Two grumpy men reminisce about the 80s and 90s and playing the Game Boy. A podcast about everything Game Boy! From very obscure games, to region specific games, to collecting and storage. You will hear stories that will make you cry, cheer, and even cringe during this online epic!

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Moelle is the European representative of the podcast. Based in Belgium (Flanders), he is mostly (un)known for his work in the overall Game Boy twitch community by being the founder of the Tiny Ten speedrun marathon, the GB speedrunning website and his own GB system challenge called Portable Pleasure. Dumb jokes and puns are basically mandatory in his social interactions. He is also an amazing singer.


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Belthic is one of the hosts for This is Game Boy, the better looking one. Currently in the USA, he is a retro game collector, streamer, and you can call him a speedrunner to a degree. Belthic doesn't have a real goal in mind for collecting, he just wants to try help preserve some of that history to show how far gaming has come.

Belthic works on various projects behind the scenes for retro gaming, with a lot of focus on Game Boy preservation. Game Boy Adventure being one to showcase game play footage of all US and EU Game Boy games (581 games).


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Legs is the editor/producer of This is Game Boy. Currently located in Canada as a computer programmer; She is a Game Boy speedrunner, collector, and occasional streamer. Working on collecting and completing as many Game Boy carts as possible, and speedrunning the good ones along the way.

Legs is currently working behind the scenes on several other Game Boy related projects.